How to turn off automatic windows update in windows 10

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"Every time I try khổng lồ shut down my computer, I was forced lớn update my Windows 10. But I really don"t want to lớn update my operating system because the automatic update might take up the system and network resources. Is there anybody who can help me solve sầu this problem và disable Windows 10 update? Thanks in advance."

All solutions lớn disable Windows 10 update:

Whenever you are faced with Windows 10"s automatic update notification like:

Install updates automatically Download Updates but choose when to lớn install themCheông chồng for updates but let me choose whether lớn tải về & install them

What would you do? Here, we have sầu the following solutions.

TipBefore proceeding with the four solutions khổng lồ fully stop Windows 10 updates, check your own Windows 10 edition (Home, Professional, Education or Enterprise) by going khổng lồ Settings -> System -> About so that you can find the most appropriate solution. Besides, the fourth way of trying to control the Windows 10 update by using Registry is somewhat risky, vày rethành viên to baông xã up your data and the details will be shown in the extra tips section.

How to Disable Windows 10 Update

Follow the methods below to lớn disable Windows 10 update correctly. 

Solution 1. Disable Windows Update Service

Understvà the limitations of this method. While disabling the automatic update service will temporarily halt any Windows 10 cumulative sầu updates, the service will re-enable itself after a certain amount of time. Here are the directions:

1. Press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to lớn invoke the Run box.

2. Type services.msc và press Enter.


3. Scroll down lớn Windows Update, and double-cliông chồng it.


4. In Startup type, select "Disabled". Then clichồng "Apply" and "OK" lớn save sầu the settings.


Do you prefer a one-cliông xã solution lớn disable the Windows automatic update feature? If so, get the versatile toolkit - Tools M to help you. With it, you can disable/enable Windows Update, repair hard drives, remove/enable write-protection, và more within seconds.

To disable Windows Update:

Step 1.  DOWNLOAD Tools M for free and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Launch Tools M và go lớn "System Update Management".

Step 3. The tool will detect the status of the Windows Update service automatically. If Windows Update is currently enabled, clichồng "Disable" khổng lồ stop the service.


Step 4. If you want khổng lồ kiểm tra whether you have disabled the service automatically, go to lớn "Start" > type "Services" > right-cliông xã "Services" and choose "Run as administrator".

Step 5. In the list of services, find & right-cliông chồng "Windows Update" > "Properties". In the "Service status" section, you should see the service has been stopped.


Solution 2. Change the Setting of the Group Policy Editor

The Group Policy feature is not available in the Home edition. So, only when you run Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, or Education, you can use the Group Policy Editor lớn change the settings khổng lồ prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating. The group policy editor will notify you of new updates without automatically installing them. 

Press the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm key + R then type gpedit.msc and clichồng OK.Go to lớn "Computer Configuration" > "Administrative sầu Templates" > "Windows Components" > "Windows Update".Double-cliông xã "Configure Automatic Updates".Select "Disabled" in Configured Automatic Updates on the left, and cliông xã Apply và "OK" khổng lồ disable the Windows automatic update feature.

Note: If you need to update your Windows version later, you can repeat the steps above sầu, then select Enabled to lớn turn on this feature, so that you can continue khổng lồ download the updates.

Solution 3. Meter Your Network Connection

Understand that this method won"t work for Ethernet connections. You can only disable automatic updates by using this method on a Wi-Fi connection. If your computer is connected to WiFi, you can try this khổng lồ stop Windows 10 automatic updates. 

1. Clichồng the Start button at the bottom left on your desktop, then click the "Settings" app.

2. Cliông chồng "Network và Internet".

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3. Cliông xã WiF in the left pane, then click the name of your Wi-Fi connection.

4. Clichồng khổng lồ turn on Set as metered connection.

Solution 4. Change the way of Windows 10 Updates Using Registry

Extra Tips: Editing the registry is risky, and it can cause irreversible damage to lớn your installation if you don"t vày it correctly. It"s recommended that you make a full backup of your computer before proceeding. All you need lớn vì chưng is use this backup software to lớn baông chồng up your data in three steps:

Step 1. Launch Todo Backup software and then choose "File Backup", "Disk/partition Backup" or "System Backup" for different backup purpose.

Step 2. Choose the system, disk partition, files or apps that you want to lớn baông xã up. Then select a destination where you want to lớn store the backup file.

Step 3. Clichồng "Proceed" lớn start the data backup process.


With a backup at hvà, now it"s safe khổng lồ customize a Windows 10 update without receiving any forced updates on your computer. Here"s how to lớn make the change in Registry:

1. Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command.

2. Type regedit, and clichồng OK to lớn open the Registry.Browse the following path:


3. Right-cliông xã the Windows (folder) key, select "New" và then clichồng "Key".

4. Name the new key "WindowsUpdate" and press "Enter".

5. Right-clichồng the newly created key, select "new", & cliông chồng "Key".


6. Name the new key AU & press Enter.Inside the newly created key, right-cliông xã on the right side, select "New", and click on "DWORD (32-bit) Value".

7. Name the new key AUOptions and press Enter.Double-cliông xã the newly created key and change its value khổng lồ 2. It"s for "Notify for download và notify for install". Cliông xã "OK".

8. Cthua kém the Registry khổng lồ complete the task.

Using this value prevents Windows 10 from downloading updates automatically, & you"ll get a notification when new updates are available. In this way, you can avoid any auto Windows 10 update effectively.

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That"s how you could make an attempt khổng lồ disable Windows 10 update in every way. Each method has been proved to lớn work as long as you wish to lớn turn off all the automatic updates in Windows 10.

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