How to stop a windows 10 update

Welcome to lớn our guide on how khổng lồ stop a Windows 10 update. Updating your PC is an important part of maintaining its general health & wellbeing. Windows 10 updates often contain fixes for critical problems, và installing them can keep your PC running smoothly.

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But there are times when you may not want khổng lồ install an update. A frequently used program of yours may not be compatible with the lathử nghiệm update; in that case, you may want to lớn defer the update until you can find a suitable alternative sầu.

So how bởi you stop a Windows 10 update? While you can’t stop it installing forever, there are ways to delay it for a while. In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s done.

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1. Pause automatic updates

Clichồng the Start menu, then the Settings cog. Now go lớn "Update & Security", clichồng "Windows Update" on the left-hvà side, then clichồng "Advanced options". Under "Pause Updates", toggle the switch khổng lồ "On". This will pause Windows updates for 35 days, but you’ll need to download the latest updates once that period is over if you want lớn pause further updates.

You can also choose lớn defer feature updates by up lớn 365 days và unique updates (which contain important security fixes) by up to 30 days. Once these periods are up, you’ll need to download updates before you can defer them again.

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2. Meter your network connection

This is another simple thing khổng lồ try. Cliông chồng Start, then cliông chồng the Settings cog. From here, click "Network và Internet", then clichồng "Wi-Fi" in the left-hvà column, then the name of your Wi-Fi connection. Scroll down to lớn the "Metered connection" section và toggle the "Set as metered connection" switch lớn "On".

This tells Windows 10 that you’re on a limited data plan, with the result that it won’t automatically push updates to you (although you can still manually install them). However, if you’re on an Ethernet connection this method won’t work, so you’ll have lớn try one of the other methods in this guide.

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3. Prsự kiện a downloaded update from installing

Once an update has started installing, you shouldn’t stop it – doing so can be potentially dangerous for your PC. However, if Windows 10 has downloaded an update but hasn’t started installing it yet, you can still stop it.

In the Windows 10 tìm kiếm bar, type "Security và Maintenance", then click the first result to lớn bring up the control panel window. Cliông chồng the "Maintenance" title to lớn expvà it, then scroll khổng lồ the "Automatic Maintenance" section. Clichồng "Stop maintenance" khổng lồ halt the update.

If you change your mind & want lớn restart the update, simply cliông xã "Start maintenance".

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4. Disable the Windows Update startup service

In the Windows 10 tìm kiếm bar, type "Services". Right-clichồng the top result and select "Run as administrator". Scroll down the danh mục until you reach the Windows Update entry. If the "Status" column says "Running", right-click the Windows Update entry và cliông chồng "Stop".

Now, right-click it again và cliông chồng "Properties". In the resulting thực đơn, under "Startup type", choose "Disabled", then clichồng "OK".

This will prevent Windows Update from automatically installing updates. If you still want to prsự kiện automatic updates but want to lớn give sầu yourself the opportunity lớn install updates manually, select "Manual" from the drop-down thực đơn instead.

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5. Disable updates using Group Policy

This involves a getting your hands a little dirty, but is easy enough. Type "gpedit.msc" inkhổng lồ the Windows 10 tìm kiếm bar và cliông xã the first result. Now navigate to lớn the following path using the left-h& pane: "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update." In the right-hvà window, double-cliông xã "Configure Automatic Updates".

This will open a new window. In the top-left corner, cliông chồng "Disabled", then click "Apply" & "OK". This will prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading và installing updates, although you can still manually look for updates by opening Windows Update.

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6. Limit updates using Group Policy

Alternatively, you can choose lớn limit Windows updates instead of disabling them. As in step 5, open gpedit.msc, navigate to "Computer Configuration > Administrative sầu Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update" and double-clichồng "Configure Automatic Updates". This time, instead of "Disabled", click "Enabled".

In the "Options" box on the left-hvà side, cliông xã the top drop-down box & choose from one of the following four options:

Notify for tải về and auto installAuto tải về và notify for installAukhổng lồ tải về và schedule the installAllow local admin to lớn choose setting

The "Notify for tải về & tự động hóa install" option is the closest to disabling automatic downloads.

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7. Disable updates using the Registry

Before dabbling in the Registry, make a backup of anything important, as making a mistake can cause problems for your PC.

Now, type "regedit" into lớn the Windows 10 tìm kiếm bar and click the top result. Navigate to the following path in the left-hvà column: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows".

Right-clichồng on the Windows folder and cliông xã "New > Key". Name it "WindowsUpdate" và press "Enter".

Right-cliông chồng in this and cliông xã "New > Key", then name this entry AU và press "Enter". On the right-hvà side of this entry, right-cliông xã & cliông chồng "New > DWORD (32-bit) Value)". Name this entry "NoAutoUpdate" and press "Enter".

Once you’ve sầu created this, double-clichồng the new entry and change the 0 lớn a 1 in the "Value data" box. Cliông chồng "OK" & restart your PC.

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8. Limit updates using the Registry

You can limit Windows updates instead of disabling them in the Registry. To vị so, follow step 6 above up to & including the point where you have created the AU entry.

Right-cliông xã the blank space on the right & cliông chồng "New > DWORD (32-bit) Value". This time, name the entry AUOptions (instead of NoAutoUpdate) and press "Enter".

Double-cliông xã the entry; in the “Value data” box, delete the 0 & replace it with either 2, 3, 4 or 5.

These correspond khổng lồ the numbers in step 5, meaning you’ll get the following results:

2 - Notify for download & tự động hóa install3 - Auto download & notify for install4 - Auto download và schedule the install5 - Allow local admin to choose setting
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