How to stop automatic updates in windows 10

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How khổng lồ Modify Windows 10's Update Settings

Adjust the Windows Update settings lớn defer updates or pause them entirely.

We bởi vì not recommover disabling the Windows Update service. Microsoft periodically patches critical errors and security updates. It"s better lớn defer feature updates (lượt thích the lathử nghiệm semiannual service pack) until you can install them, than to disable Windows 10"s updates across the board.


To pause updates, select a date in the dropdown under Pause updates và updates will be paused until your chosen date.

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This setting only disables updates temporarily for 35 days. You"ll need khổng lồ select a new date under Pause updates khổng lồ disable again.

To defer updates instead, select the desired Window Update servicing channel from the first dropdown menu, then set how long you"d like khổng lồ defer the Feature Updates and the Quality Updates.


Feature updates can be deferred for up lớn 365 days, while unique updates can be deferred for up khổng lồ 30 days.

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Enjoy a Windows 10 device with updates temporarily disabled. To revert the changes, go to lớn your Windows Update settings & ensure the defer days are set to 0.

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