How to stop automatic updates on windows 10

There are few things that inconvenience us more than software updates. Windows users often make jokes about the updates they receive because they take so long to complete (yes, you should initiate your update overnight). As with any good software, updates are a vital part of our computer’s health và security. But, sometimes it just isn’t practical khổng lồ persize right now, and other times it can cause problems for other software you’re running.

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How lớn Uninstall a Windows 10 Update

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve sầu realized that và Update is already installed & you aren’t happy with the outcome. Unlike other operating systems, Windows does give sầu you the option lớn uninstall an update as you see fit.

Following the same steps as above sầu, access your PC’s Settings, then click on “Update và Security.” Once there, follow these steps:

Click “Delivery Optimization” in the right menu danh mục. Then clichồng “View Update History.”

From here you can choose lớn uninstall the updates as you need lớn. If you’re doing this because the newest update is causing issues with other software on your computer it’s worth researching before going straight into an uninstall frenzy.

Cheông xã your driver and other updates to see if the culprit lies somewhere other than Windows OS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I permanently Disable Windows 10 Updates?

There is a lot of dispute regarding the ability khổng lồ permanently disable Windows 10 updates. Some users have sầu stated that Microsoft is so incredibly persistent there is no way to bởi vì it. Once you restart your computer, the updates turn bachồng on.

While this may be the case for some software versions, this worked for our tests in December of 20trăng tròn on Windows Home version 10.0.19041. If for some reason the method that you are using isn’t working, try another one of the methods we’ve sầu listed above, or try uninstalling any problematic updates per the instructions we’ve sầu provided.

Should I disable updates?

As mentioned earlier, operating system updates are vital khổng lồ the health & security of your machine. But, many updates cause more harm than good when first released. If you prefer to wait and install updates on your own time, disabling updates shouldn’t be an issue.

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While updates are vital, they aren’t necessarily vital the day they’re released.

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