Windows has several built-in features such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. This guide will walk-through how to turn Windows features on or off in Windows XP..

Cliông xã the Start button in the lower left-hvà corner of the screen & select Control Panel from the right half of the menu.
The Control Panel should open in Category view. If control panel does not open in Category view, cliông chồng the Switch khổng lồ Category View link.
Select the Add or Remove sầu Programs category.
Click the Add/Remove sầu Windows Components button on the left side of the window.
When the Windows Components Wizard opens, select which components you wish khổng lồ add or remove sầu then cliông xã the Next button.
The wizard will then configure the selected Windows Components.
Cliông xã the Finish button when the Wizard completes.
Cthảm bại the Add or Remove ProgramsControl Panel windows to lớn finish changing Windows components.
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