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Why iPhones deserve sầu Avira?We’re a multi-award-winning German security company with +30 years of experience and a global vision: To keep people connected and secure in our digital world. Avira loves iPhones. Your phone is state-of-the-art—give sầu it privacy & security khổng lồ match: •Care about your Privacy? Keep your data safe and your online activity anonymous with our Free VPN •E-Mail leaked? Find out fast with Identity Safeguard•Browsing online? Web Protection checks the safety of sites first•Stolen phone? Recover it faster with Anti-Theft (phone locator and trigger siren)Avira Mobile Security protects your phone:• VPN: Secure your connection with a simple push of a button for complete privacy as you surf. When you use our VPN, all your data goes through a secure connection—so it can’t be intercepted or stolen. Plus, we use military-grade encryption lớn keep your data extra safe. The auto-secure function detects if your WiFi network is untrusted, & we promise our servers don’t save sầu your log files. • Web Protection: Like online shopping và banking? Do you store your credit card details online? This categorizes và blocks phishing, malware, spam, and fraud so you can browse freely and safely. • Identity Safeguard: Find out if your tin nhắn addresses have sầu been hacked. Schedule the frequency (once a day/week/month), & we’ll automatically scan your email, and those of your contacts, lớn kiểm tra whether they were leaked online in a security breach.• Anti-Theft: Your iPhone is highly desirable. Find, traông xã, và recover it if it’s lost or stolen. Lock to lớn prsự kiện unauthorized access, và remotely wipe your device. Tigger a loud yell lớn help locate it. Prompt whoever finds your device to tương tác you.• điện thoại tư vấn Blocker: Create your own blacklist và block spam and other unwanted calls và texts.• Contacts Backup: Easily baông chồng up and restore contacts straight from your phone and sover them khổng lồ your email, Dropbox, or Google Drive sầu.• Network Scanner: Discover all devices connected to your Wi-FiAvira Smartphone Security lets nothing stvà in the way of your iPhone’s awesomeness:• Device Analyzer: View your iPhone’s use of storage và memory to lớn see where you can make gains.Avira sản phẩm điện thoại Security keeps everything you vị between you và your iPhone:

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We constantly improve the security, stability, and speed of our products to lớn give you the best experience in the market.What’s new?- Bug FixesWe listen lớn your feedbachồng khổng lồ make Avira better for you. Rate us!

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