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Bạn đang xem: Match definition & meaning

Which of the following is correct?

Match the value in the request field with the value in the delivery field.


Match the value in the request field to the value in the delivery field.



In my understanding, both are valid, but they mean different things.

To match A with B means to consider the pair (A, B) a set, or lớn purposely place them together:

In the seating arrangements, I matched John with Cynthia & boy, did they have a spirited discussion.

I matched the hyacinths with the zinnias. Don"t they look great together?

To match A khổng lồ B means khổng lồ find some B that corresponds to the relevant aspect of A:

To locate the invoice for this order, you have lớn match the primary key of table ORDER khổng lồ the foreign key of table INVOICE.

In order for the room khổng lồ look its best, you have khổng lồ match the sofa lớn the carpet.

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You hear "match with" much more than "match to", so I"d say "with".

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