How To Stop Automatic Updates On Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft took away our control of how và when Windows updates are installed: by default they are installed when they become available, whether we want them or not.

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Why would one not want to install updates right away? When one"s computer is using a connection that"s limited in bandwidth or expensive, obviously. This is usually not the case when connecting to a Wi-Fi at trang chủ or at work, but when you travel, you may find it necessary khổng lồ use a cell data connection that"s roaming, or metered, và in such a case you certainly don"t want to kết thúc up with a huge bill after Windows has downloaded a multi-megabyte update in the background without telling you.

So, how khổng lồ temporarily stop Windows 10 from using the bandwidth for the maintenance tasks such as Windows updates? Easy: you need to lớn tell Windows that the connection you are using is metered, & that would stop the automatic updates over that connection. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

1. Open the Start thực đơn of Windows 10 and choose Settings:


2. Select Network and Internet:


3. Select Wi-Fi:


4. Select Manage known networks:


5. Select the Wi-Fi network you are connected lớn, cliông chồng Properties, và then select Advanced options:


6. Move the Set as metered connection switch to the On position:


That"s it, that should stop Windows 10 from downloading updates over this specific connection. Keep in mind that if later on you connect to lớn a different Wi-Fi network, you should mix it as a metered connection, too, if you want the ban on Windows updates to lớn continue.

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Consider also, that Windows stops doing some other tasks over the metered connections, such as installing or updating device drivers delivered via the Windows update channel. If you encounter a problem connecting a device to your máy vi tính while using a metered Wi-Fi connection, try turning off the "metered connection" switch và see if that improves the situation.

And of course, when you are back home from the trip, don"t forget to lớn check that the metered connection setting is off, khổng lồ allow the updates lớn resume và go on as usual. Rethành viên that Windows updates are (usually) a good thing!

Happy computing!

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