Toner Eveline 5% Glycolic Acid

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EVELINE - GLYinstallmentsvfacr.comL THERAPY 5% - Tonic Against Imperfections - Toner against imperfections - 110 ml
Brand: Eveline installmentsvfacr.comsmetics
4.5 out of 5 stars 2 ratings
Currently unavailable. We don"t know when or if this vật phẩm will be back in stock.
Brand Eveline installmentsvfacr.comsmetics
Skin type All
vật phẩm form Wipe

About this thành phầm Tonic against imperfections for all skin types with 5% AHA acid installmentsvfacr.comncentration cleans & tightens the skin effectively.

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Product description

GLYinstallmentsvfacr.comL THERAPY 5% - Tonic Against Imperfections by Eveline installmentsvfacr.comsmetics.

Bạn đang xem: Toner Eveline 5% Glycolic Acid

A tonic for everyday care of all skin types.It effectively cleanses và tonifies. It minimizes enlarged pores & reduces all types of imperfections, restoring skin's vitality and natural glow. The formula has been enriched with active ingredients such as 5% AHA (glyinstallmentsvfacr.comlic và lactic acids), Riferm rice water và panthenol. The product is vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals. It was placed in a 110 ml bottle.

Tonic.For care of all skin types.Cleans và tonifies.Minimizes enlarged pores and reduces imperfections.The formula has been enriched with active ingredients.

HOW to lớn USE:

1. Apply a small amount of tonic on the installmentsvfacr.comtton pad, wipe face, neck và cleavage.2. Avoid the eye and mouth area.3. Apply in the morning and / or evening.

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ATTENTION:- The sản phẩm is for external use only.- Before using, make an allergy chạy thử on a small piece of skin.- vì chưng not use on damaged, irritated skin.- Avoid tương tác with eyes.- If any signs of irritation appear, stop using the product.- Keep out of reach of children.- Protect from sunlight.

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