Model Number: Y-6333Product Overview: card đồ họa 1080P UXGA resolutionWith audio output solutionWith optional external nguồn portDiminutive DimensionThis adapter helps convert the signal from HDMI interface to VGA, with audio đầu ra port to let you sync the đoạn clip and audio. With an optional external power nguồn port to lớn help stabilize the performance.

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Product Features: Convert the signal from HDMI interface to vga interface.With audio output.Compatible with most of the monitors và displays.Support HDMI1.4b specification.Support vga 1080P UXGA resolution.With an optional power port, connect to external power nguồn supply khổng lồ enhance the signal & the performance.Plug and play, no need to lớn install driver.Hardware&Dimension:Dimension: 45 x 44.7 x 15 (mm)Upstream: 1 x HDMI (Male)Downstream: 1 x vga (Female)DC Dimension: Micro USBCable Length: 17cmColor: BlackPackage Contents: 1 x HDMI to đồ họa Converter with Audio1 x 3.5MM AUX Audio Cable (Male to lớn Male)

The error “Out of Range” normally means that the resolution being output by the computer is not compatible with the display. Try lowering the resolution lớn see if that helps resolve the issue. You may need lớn connect another monitor or restart the computer or source lớn accomplish this.

How to completely step up a Mirror/Extend mode lớn the external monitor using this cable/adapter, any tips for Macs users?

To set up completely , you have lớn adjust setting in "Displays".

To set the display:1.With your display monitor connected to your Mac, xuất hiện Apple -> System Preferences.2.Select "Displays" with its big blue screen icon3. Go under "Arrangement" section4. Kiểm tra the Mirror Displays checkbox

How to completely step up a Mirror/Extend mode lớn the external monitor using this cable/adapter, any tips for Windows users?

To mix up completely, you have to adjust setting in "Screen".To phối screen:1. Right-click any empty area of your desktop, and then click Screen resolution2. Click the multiple displays drop-down list, and then select "Duplicate these displays".3. If the display monitor is not listed, click "Detect".

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Since card đồ họa cannot transfer audio, you will need to lớn connect a 3.5mm audio cable to lớn headset or speaker in order to transmit audio.

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